Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I seal my countertops?

At Countertops And Cabinetry By Design, we recommend that you seal your Granite at least once a year. If you prepare dinner every night, your Kitchen Countertops may need to be sealed twice a year. However, some colors require less sealing than others.

Will cutting on my granite countertops damage them?

No, Cutting on your Granite Countertops will not damage them. In fact, your knife may be ruined as a result of cutting on your Granite Countertops.

I have small children, if they drop a glass or plate on the granite will it damage the surface?

Granite is extremely durable. It takes several hits with a sledge hammer to break it. Even though the surface of Granite can, with the right force and angle, chip out, it is very unlikely that a plate could damage the Granite in any way.

I’ve sealed my granite, how should I care for it between sealings?

The best thing to maintain your beautiful granite is to use dish soap and a nylon scubber. This combination is perfect because it remove oils that are on the surface of granite but does not penetrate to the sealer. Doing this leaves a shine you can be proud of again and again.

Can I take a hot pan off of the stove and set it on my granite countertops?

At Countertops And Cabinetry By Design we recommend that you always use a trivet when removing a hot pan or skillet from the stove.

Where does granite come from?

Granite is mined all around the world. Most of the time the granite that you see (like the brown and green colors) come from South America. Others come from Asia and Western Europe.


How is a quartz material made?

Quartz materials like Zodiaq® And Viatera®, are made by combining quartz particles with binders, hardeners, and coloring agents. This mix is then pressed together to a thickness of 3Cm. After it hardens, the material is cut into slabs and shipped to manufacturers all over the globe.

I have a blotch in my quartz countertop, can it be removed?

When a quartz material has a blotch in it, there is nothing that you can do to make it go away because, chances are that it came from the factory that way. However, at Countertops And Cabinetry By Design, we pre-screen all of our materials to make sure that they are the highest quality and reject anything that is not normal.