Accessibility Products

With a large number of homeowners choosing to stay in their own homes finding accessibility products is key for some when considering a remodel.  Having a bathroom that is accessible, safe, functional and still beautiful is easy to achieve with one Countertops and Cabinetry by Designs knowledgeable designers.  We can provide an extensive range of high-quality independent living products which are designed and developed to provide extra confidence and accessibility for those with some degree of difficulty performing day to day tasks in the bathroom.

Level entry shower bases can be incorporated into any design. While still using standard tile materials, we can make your shower accessible and luxurious without drawing attention to the accessibility.  A level entry shower base is a good investment in any remodel at any stage in life.

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Universal design can sometimes present a challenge in bathrooms.  Cabinetry can be designed with with taller and deeper toe kicks to allow easier wheelchair access to cabinets and countertops. Add ramps to make thresholds barrier free, plan for grab bar blocking in areas that would be most practical, even if the grab bar is not installed until it is needed.

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Our daily living aids include grab rails, shower seats, chairs, stools, fold down rails, toilet plinths, bath boards and bath seats.  All aids are thoughtfully designed and carefully manufactured to enhance the lifestyle of those with special needs.