Faucets & Sinks

The most functional part of any kitchen are the faucets & sinks.

 Choosing the right fixture can be tough.  At Countertops and Cabinetry by Design we have a variety of top quality products that will look beautiful and stand up to the everyday wear and tear.

Oftentimes, when deciding on the fixtures of your bathroom product there are endless possibilities.  This can both be a blessing and at the same time leave you overwhelmed and having a hard time determining where to start.  Sometimes it is easier to choose each product individually, Other times it makes sense to choose from a collection.


Be careful when combining colors, styles and the influences of different eras.  Variety can be fun but it could result in a bathroom that’s unique. Mixing and matching different styles of products, or even models from different manufacturers, isn’t always easy. You might fall in love with a sink or faucet, install it, and then be dismayed when it looks out of place. Worse still, fixtures that weren’t designed to work together might not function as well as they should. Please stop in and speak with one of our friendly sales staff members, and let them provide you with all the information you need to feel confident about selecting the product that will suit your needs.