Get a Countertop Quote

Getting a quote for your new countertop is easy!

All we need to give you an accurate quote for your new countertops is a rough drawing.

(click each image to enlarge)

In this rough drawing we need to know the dimensions of your current countertops, this includes the length and depth of each piece…
… where your appliances are…
… and where your sink is (please include the size of your sink base).

Please tell us where your stove is and include what type of stove you have as well – freestanding, slide-in, or drop-in.

Free-standing range
countertop on either side
Slide-in range
countertop on the sides and back only.
Drop-in range
countertop on all sides

Bring this drawing with your when visiting our showrooms. To find a showroom near you, please click here.