Countertops and Cabinetry by Design today is the evolution of an idea to serve the kitchen and bath needs of Greater Cincinnati better.  Whether you call us CAC by Design or use our full name, we are all about educating our customers on the products and service we carry and to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

More than 25 years ago, our parent company Complete Services Inc. was started as a home maintenance and repair company built on timely responses to the calls we received.  It didn’t take us long to realize Cincinnatians were missing a way to update their kitchens without investing in a full scale remodel.

While color trends have begun to change faster and faster, here in the Ohio Valley we are still all about our need for quality craftsmanship and products that last.  Changing out an entire kitchen every 5 – 10 years to fit into the trend cycle doesn’t quite fit our sensibilities. Countertops by Design was then born from Complete Services. Our tagline was developed – “Give your kitchen a new look, just replace your countertops”.  We filled a unique niche then and still offer countertop only replacement services today.

We educated ourselves on the available products. We learned the best techniques. We then began fabricating and installing our own countertops.  We sold direct to homeowners at a time when no one else did.  Educating our homeowners about the products we carried and why we offered them became paramount. Using only our own employees and no subcontractors to offer the best quality for our homeowners became one of our key values.

Cincinnatians embraced us and our concept and began to ask for more.  We leaned on our years of experience in home maintenance and repair, partnered with a cabinet company to begin offering turnkey solutions for kitchen remodeling.  We became a one stop shop for kitchen projects and evolved into Countertops and Cabinetry by Design.

Homeowners began to return to us when it was time for bathroom projects, tile backsplash projects and laundry room projects too.  We once again began to educate ourselves on the options available. We partnered with a tile manufacturer who shared our values on delivering quality products and services as well as had a good reputation of standing behind their products.  Although our name didn’t change this time our focus broadened to fill the need for turnkey solutions for all types of tile projects.

Homeowners we driving from all over the city to purchase from us.  We opened our freestanding showroom and warehouse on Route 42 in West Chester to make us easier to find.  Then, we decided we could serve Cincinnati better by growing and opening showrooms in other areas around town. Opening on Beechmont Avenue gave us the ability to be more convenient to both the east side of town and Northern Kentucky.  We now operate a showroom in the Anderson Town Center.  We grew to other areas of the city and have now settled in the Montgomery Square shopping center on Montgomery Road.  This has made us convenient to people who travel both 275 and Ronald Reagan Highway. We are always looking for our next growth opportunity and love serving the Ohio Valley so if you are willing to travel to us we promise to deliver the best products and services we can to you.  Who knows, maybe next time we will open up in your neighborhood!

We are all about offering everything that you want or as little as you need for any project our products fit.  Quite simply think about us as your best source for countertops and cabinetry in the Greater Cincinnati Area! With our commitment to education and customer service, it is no mistake that much of our business comes from referrals, visit us today!