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    It all starts with why….

    Best Selling Author Simon Sinek says it best in his book “Start with Why”

    We all have a purpose, a reason to exist.  Our brain will not allow us to comfortably do anything that opposes our inner most beliefs.  Those inner most beliefs are our Mission and our Purpose.

    At CAC By Design it would be real simple to say that we remodel kitchens and bathrooms and make countertops, but in reality it is much more than that….  It all starts with our Mission / Our Purpose which is to “Do What is Right”

    What is Right is defined by our CORE VALUES!

    • Honesty – – As the founder and owner of CAC By Design it is easy for me to explain.  I have always said that “I have to sleep at night” and every decision that I make throughout my day needs to be such that when I lay my head on the pillow at the end of the day I know I was “Honest” both with myself and with everyone that I interacted with throughout the day.  I did what what was in the best interest of my employees and my customers.  We do our best to set expectations up front so that everyone understands where we will be standing at the end of the day.
    • Integrity – – Each day of our lives is full of choices, we start each day choosing to either hit the snooze button or to get up and tackle the day head on!  As your day progresses you have choices about what to wear, what to eat, what to say and ultimately what to do.  Our customers our employees all have the same choices and when a common goal is shared it is imperative to make sure that we stand up a face each challenge head on knowing what expectation was set and doing everything in our power to make it a reality.  We call that “Integrity.”
    • Pride – – When it all comes together you get a feeling in your heart that it was a job well done.  Maybe it was a particularly challenging task, maybe things just didn’t go the way you thought they would.  Just maybe everything went perfect!  That feeling deep in heart is “Pride”.  When you look back you know you did the best that you possibly could have done! 
    • Leadership – – Many people think “Leadership” is telling others what to do.  To us, leadership is recognizing what is right and not being afraid to do it.  It’s holding a door for the person entering the restaurant as you exit.  Its picking the news paper up from the driveway of the home as you arrive to do a service.  Its taking the time to listen to what a customer really is saying and wanting instead of just trying to sell something.  Leadership is recognizing the best course of action for all concerned parties and not being afraid to act on it!
    • Growth – – Growth is often viewed as getting more size, more responsibility or even having more things.  At Countertops and Cabinetry By Design we see “Growth” as an improved ability to do better.  A manager grows as they get better at coordinating the business.  A technician grows as they improve their ability to do the daily task.  We all grow as we better understand how to cope with daily life.  We are “Life Long Learners” .  Each day we learn something, maybe its clarity of something we experienced one thousand times before.  Maybe it is something brand new and exciting.  But each day we must learn, what to do, not to do and more importantly what to do BETTER.

    If your “WHY” is the same as our “WHY” reach out to us! 

    We would love to talk with you about joining our team and growing with us.

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