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    What are the elements involved in a kitchen remodel and what should you expect it to cost?

    A very SIMPLE answer….  It really depends on your budget!

    At CAC By Design we do kitchen renovations for a few thousand dollars “Give Your Kitchen a New Look, Just Replace Your Countertops” and we do complete “move the walls and completely change everything about your kitchen remodels” that cost $100,000.  The elements are the same, the more you change… The more it will cost!

    Look at each of the elements I list below to determine what your Dream Kitchen might cost.


    If your budget is small – – Keep the same cabinetry footprint the same, leave the sink and appliance where they are currently located.  The bigger your budget the more things that you can afford to change.  If you leave the cabinetry in the same configuration we don’t charge anything for your design.  Our job will simply be to help you decide on styles and colors.  We have a Kitchen Visualizer to help make the process easier.  If you want to completely change the layout and functionality of your kitchen we have a graduated design fee based on how many hours our staff will need to spend creating your Dream Kitchen.  $350 – $1000 is the expected range.


    We have cabinetry ranging from very inexpensive builder grade cabinetry Smart Cabinetry and Merillat Cabinetry to Semi-Custom Kraftmaid Cabinetry or StarMark Cabinetry that is fully custom if that is what is needed to get the job done.  Cabinetry makes up 40% of the total cost of your project on average.   Your decisions really do determine the cost.


    We are the Fabricator and we are the installer so we can just about anything that you would need or want.  Granite is usually of of the least expensive options.  We have several colors starting at as little as $39 per square foot and we regularly sell granite that is as much as $100 per square foot.  The cost to us determines what it will cost you.  Quartz is the most popular countertop choice at the moment and the cost ranges from $59 to more than $100 per sq ft with the average being between $75 and $80 per square foot.


    We supply Faucets, sinks and garbage disposals as well as Haven undercabinet lighting.  The simplest rule to follow is that you will get what you pay.   There are faucets and sinks on the market for very little (they won’t last) and there are faucet and sinks that cost over a thousand dollars.  We offer brands like HansGrohe, Franke, and Blanco.  You will touch the sink and faucet more than any other part of your kitchen so don’t skimp here!  Realistically you should plan to spend $300 plus on a sink, about the same on a faucet.  Our average for both is in the $600 range.


    This is one thing that we don’t offer but with your options ranging from Home Depot or Lowe’s to many of the specialty appliance stores we can direct you to some very easy choices that we will be glad to install for you.  The cost is all over the board but you should expect to spend at lest a few thousand on a stove refrigerator and dishwasher and we regularly have customers that spend well over 10 – 15 thousand on their appliances.

    Installation Labor:

    Labor is one of those things that many people overlook when they are creating their budget.  You are going to have a stranger working in your home while the remodeling process in going on.  I see people skimp in this area but I will never understand why.  There are “Have Truck Will Travel” installers out there that will work for as little as a few hundred dollars a day however we often have to fix what they didn’t properly install.  Our process includes our own employees that sincerely care about you and they want to make you happy.  A basic kitchen install can be as little as a few thousand dollars to much more than that depending on the detail involved.  Generally expect the installation of your kitchen to be 10 – 20% of the cost of the project.

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