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    So, you are planning on starting a new project….  Where is the best place to start?

    Whether you are doing a complete remodel or just replacing your countertops the place to start is with education.  First, educate yourself about what things cost.  Labor is usually the single biggest expense on any project.  Having the right person doing the job for you can save a ton of grief.  Next think about what products are available, which products are right for you?  What do they cost?  Cabinetry can range from a few hundred dollars a box to a few thousand dollars a box.  The features of the cabinetry make all of the difference.  How they are made and finished is also important.  The quality of the finish is the difference between them lasting 5 years or 25 years.  All of these factors affect the cost.  How you need the products to perform will determine if you can by with the cheapest or if you need something more.

    What is your budget?  Knowing what you can afford is always the best place to start.  It makes little sense to set your heart on a Rolls Royce when a Mercedes Benz will do just fine.  There is no need to spend more than makes sense.

    What is the scope of the project?  Are you moving walls or do you want to simply replace your countertops?   In any case, the best place to start is by taking a few photos.   Visit our showroom and speak to a designer.  Be sure to capture the areas you would like remodeled.     If you are just replacing your countertops, our process is standardized for efficiency, we can provide you a quote at our first initial meeting with the proper countertop dimensions.   Make a sketch of the countertop, take basic dimensions and bring it with you to our first meeting.   We want to make your life “SIMPLE”.

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