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    Your kitchen is considered the heart of your home, and sometimes, it needs some TLC to fulfill its role again. Getting to change the area that is central to entertaining friends and family events is an exciting opportunity. Here is a look at some ways you can know if it’s time to remodel your kitchen.

    Age and Disrepair

    Things get old, and when things get old, they begin to wear out. Your kitchen is no exception to that rule. At some point in time, the fixtures and appliances in your kitchen will begin to get too old to work effectively. When you reach the point where the items in your kitchen are costing you more time and money to operate than they are worth, it’s time to remodel your kitchen.

    While ideally your cabinets should last well over 20 years, if they have been improperly used, or made from cheap materials you may have to replace them sooner. Updating your kitchen may be a more cost-effective move than doing a total remodel since you won’t have to do so much structural work. Consider some options for doing an update to breathe new life into an outdated kitchen.

    Irreparable Damage

    It’s entirely possible that you’re looking at a kitchen remodel due to a house fire or natural disaster. While the devastation that these life-altering events can bring is very real, it also creates the opportunity for you to make something positive out of the ruins that are left behind.

    The damage that may have destroyed your kitchen can allow you to take a fresh start from the ground up, and it may not cost you as much out of pocket as you think. It’s important that you file a homeowner’s insurance claim to pay for remodeling costs when damage occurs due to a disaster, according to GBW Law.

    To Sell Your Home

    Why should you spend money fixing up a space in a home that you’re planning to sell? Don’t consider a kitchen update before selling your home as an expenditure; instead, look at it as an investment. According to Sibcy Cline , a kitchen remodel is one of the top improvements for improving your home value when selling a home.

    Only 8% of homeowners consider renovating their kitchen in order to add value to their home, but this is an oversight, as most people who are looking to buy a home want to purchase a move-in-ready residence. Having an up-to-date kitchen will make potential buyers far more likely to put in a good offer on your house.

    At some point in time, you will decide that your kitchen needs a new look, or maybe it simply isn’t functioning properly for you anymore. Take a look at our gallery of remodels to get some inspiration for how you want to approach your remodel. Don’t be afraid to make a move and give some love back to the heart of your home. Start a consultation today!

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