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    Are you the one that ends up managing your project?

    Who is Really in Charge of Your Remodel?  Many homeowners find themselves in the unenviable position of being the General Contractor on their Kitchen and Bath Remodel.

    They thought they were hiring someone else to do the work but unfortunately, it became their job to manage the project when they picked the wrong team to do the work.



    When you decided to upgrade your kitchen do you expect to be signing up to manage the schedules of the contractor?

    Do you expect to manage your life around the lives of the people doing the work?

    I would think not!


    It may seem simple enough to purchase the material for your project from a Big Box Store and have the Big Box hire a subcontractor to come into your home to do the work. Again, it seems simple enough, but do you really want the LOWEST BIDDER doing the work for you? Will the BIG BOX actually manage your project? PROBABLY NOT!

    The BIG BOX will hire the sub who is willing to do the work for the least amount of money.

    The lowest bidder will handle it all for you.

    Are you comfortable with that?

    So you decide to purchase the material from the BIG BOX and hire your own contractor to do the work. Do you really want to be a General Contractor? Do you have the experience to deal with the potential issues?

    What if something doesn’t fit? Is the Big Box responsible? Did the Big Box even check to make sure that the design would work? Is the contractor you hired responsible?

    Unfortunately, you are probably left holding the bill.

    Do you really have time to be the General Contractor and hire individual teams with the experience to do all the tasks necessary to complete your project? What if something goes wrong? Do you as a homeowner have the experience to direct the best course of action to correct any possible issues?

    I hear all the time about projects that take months when they should have only taken weeks or even days. I hear about projects where the handyman or a small remodeling team stops showing up to the job site when the project is only partially complete. Do you really want to deal with these types of issues?

    Employees of good companies do side work all of the time, this could be an option…. Do you really want to manage an employee? They are in fact still an employee…. In this case, they have become your employee!

    In most cases, employees working on the side do similar work at a cheaper price because they don’t have the overhead, pay taxes or have any insurance.

    • What if they get hurt in your home?
    • Do you realize that you are responsible?
    • If they call in sick will you have someone to step in and get the job completed?
    • Do you really want to be responsible for any of these situations?
    • Is it really worth the small amount of savings?

    It doesn’t have to be like anything I have described above!

    Choose a Company that will “Make Your Life Simple”

    CAC By Design will handle every aspect of your project and “Make Your Life Simple” You need us to ask the questions and come up with solutions. Our team is EXPERIENCED! We have the SYSTEMS and the RESOURCES to get the job done!

    Choose a company that will manage and control your project from the design/concept stage all the way to the finished product. CAC BY Design will design, manage and complete your project.

    When doing any remodeling project, there are so many variables…. It is unrealistic to think that nothing will go wrong. Something will not go as planned regardless of who is doing the work.


    Choose a company that will take “Charge of your Remodel” and “Get the Job Done For You.”

    CAC By Design is your “One-Stop Remodeling Shop.”

    “You Can Trust That We Will Do The Job For You.”

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