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    As you walk down the aisles of a trade show there are many eager people looking out of their booths to speak with you. It can be overwhelming and a little off putting, especially if you aren’t looking for what they are offering. This is often how someone can feel as though they are being “Sold”.

    In the final week of our last home show of the spring, it occurs to me that some of the people I interact with may be warry of talking with me for fear of being “Sold” something. That can also be true anytime you walk in someone’s place of business to see what they have to offer.

    There are many personalities of people and most likely just as many sales approaches. I have always tried to be relaxed in my interactions with potential client but that isn’t true of everyone in a sales position.  So, how do you tell what is part of the company line and what is part of their personality? Ask questions.

    Always be informed about what you are buying. The more informed you are about what you are looking at the less likely you are to feel like you purchased something you didn’t need or want.  Anyone selling a product should be able to answer any questions you may have or know where to get the answer if they don’t.  You should never feel like you can’t ask any question at any time throughout the investigating or buying process.

    Keep in mind that any information you get both from someone as well as from a brochure or the internet is only part of what should influence what you buy.  You should also feel comfortable with the person and company you are buying it from. Depending on what you are purchasing you may only interact with each other until the sale is complete and you have your item or it may be a much longer relationship if you are having products installed.

    Ultimately you will need to evaluate all the information you gathered to make an informed decision before a purchase. Take your time, only use a promotion or discount to spur you into purchasing something you have already decided you want.

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