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    When the time comes to replace the countertops in your kitchen, you are going to find that there are many different materials to choose from. One of more popular materials being used currently is quartz. This is a manufactured combination of stone and resin that has the appearance of granite and has all of the same strength and style of this all natural material. The one big difference is that it is non-porous like the new Corian countertops and it does not cost as much as either one of them.

    These Materials Are Very Durable

    The quartz countertops we carry are manufactured from a blend of 97 % quartz particulates and 3 % fillers to produce a final surface that is not only beautiful, but is amazingly strong and durable. These countertop also do not require any type of sealant applied. We can custom cut quartz countertops for both your kitchen and bathroom in a range of colors to match or complement the color scheme you have chosen for the room.

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