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    We have people visit our showrooms all of the time and they tell us that they want to get an estimate for a project.  Are they looking for Quality, Service, or Price?  who knows…  One thing is for sure… You cannot have all 3?  Most of the time they simply want to replace their countertops.  They explain that they currently have three estimates and feel they just need one more and then they will be able to make a decision.  We always ask “why?”.  Why do they feel they need 1 more estimate when they have 3 estimates in their pocket.   We ask what do they want to see in ours that they haven’t seen in the estimates of our competitors.

    Most of the time the answer is that they want to make sure they get the “Best Price”.   They really believe what they are telling me.   But is “Best Price” all that matters?   I say definitely NOT!   Price is obviously a factor and in today’s economy, a very important factor.    But more important than Price, at CAC By Design, we deliver “Value”.   The Value of a product takes into consideration the Price, but also the Quality of the product and the Service that comes along with it.   The “Value” that we offer is “Service Today” while you are in the process of making a purchase, “Service” 6 months or a year or 5 years from now.  A “Quality Product” that will perform as expected.  All at a price that is both competitive and reasonable for what we deliver.   Look for “Value” at CAC BY Design.  Look for the value of the education you get when choosing the right product.  Look for the value of our experience having sold thousands of kitchen over the years.  Don’t discount the value of solid advice to save a few dollars today.  It will cost much more in the future.

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