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    When building or remodeling a home it is important to make your Home Construction More Eco-Friendly.  You can achieve this by selecting  ECO friendly material and techniques during the process.  Construction and remodeling can be hard on the environment.   However, with just a few changes you can help decrease the carbon footprint of a home construction project significantly.

    Better Insulation

    Start with properly insulating your home.  This not only helps to keep you warm in the winter, but it can also help to decrease your energy bill.   According to Pinnacle Roofing, some 78% of homeowners fail to add insulation to their attic because they think they already have enough.  If your attic is not properly insulated, you are increasing the chance for cold air to enter your home in the winter.  This will drastically decrease the energy efficiency of your home.   By having your home properly insulated from top to bottom can better ensure that your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    Recycled Material

    Using recycled materials can be a much more sustainable and cost-effective way to construct your home.  By using recycled materials there isn’t much environmental harm.  Restoring and fitted recycled material to your new home can use much less energy than traditional sources.   Depending on where you get your materials, you can also save on the cost.  By selecting interior doors and accent pieces from a garage sale for example you can reduce your cost.  Although you may not be able to find more than one of the same item,  you can actually add some character to your home and make it unique.

    Natural Energy

    Powering your home through natural means, such as solar, wind or even hydroelectric, might be one of the most noticeable ways to make your Home Construction More Eco-Friendly-friendly. This is because so much of what you use in your home requires electricity to operate. According to Sun Run, solar energy can be a great way to supply your home with light as well as provide you with hot water. Even if you don’t have a huge budget that allows you to go full solar, you can always add a few panels that you use in conjunction with the traditional power grid.

    These are just some of the ways that you can design a more eco-friendly home. You can also let your environmentally friendly design spill over into the appliances, faucets and other parts of your home. From the type of paint you use to your floor design, there are many sustainable options.  Choosing the right options allows you to reduce energy costs yet expand your style.

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