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    I am sure you have found that there are dozens of Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Companies near you.  So how do you find the one that is right for you?

    It is “Simple”!

    • First and foremost choose a company that has a GREAT Reputation.  It takes years to build a reputation, Google reviews are an indicator, but there is nothing better than talking to an existing customer.
    • The staff should listen to you.  They should listen to what you like and more importantly what you don’t like!  You are the one that is going to have this new space for years to come….  GET WHAT YOU WANT!
    • Choose a company that specializes in Kitchen and Bathrooms.   Anyone can muddle together a kitchen or a bathroom remodel… We have all been in them thousands of times.  You need a professional that can see the project through to the end to prevent issues from getting in the way of getting the job finished.
    • Choose a company that offer a Lifetime Warranty on the work that they do.  Companies come and go.   If a company will not stand behind the work that they do, what is the point.  Sure, things happen but the test of a good company is how they handle things when they are not going well.  The warranty is important!
    • Choose a company that can take care of the entire project for you.  Don’t let a company farm everything out to the lowest bidder.  Sub contractors have always been a challenge but in todays world they are even more of a challenge.  If a company does the work in house they will make sure it is going to last!
    • Choose a company that  uses it own employees to do the work.  Companies that keep the work in house take care of their staff so the staff can better take care of you.
    • Choose a company that you can TRUST.   Choose a company that has a “Brick and Mortar Showroom” with real people for you to talk to about your project.
    • Most importantly!  Choose a company that makes the process “SIMPLE”  Remodeling a kitchen is not rocket science.  Don’t let it get complicated!  It doesn’t have to be!

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